What I offer

Team Development

Team development strengthens communication, trust and cohesion in the team and enables effective collaboration. With individually adapted impulses, creative methods and an agile approach, team development enables sustainable changes. Central are impulses for reflection and help for self-help

For newly formed teams it is first important to turn a group into a team. In this phase, team building is central. It is about getting to know each other, building trust and clarifying basic aspects of working together as a team.

Teams that have been in existence for some time usually encounter a variety of challenges. Possible reasons for team coaching are:

  • Improving collaboration and communication
  • Unclear roles and processes
  • A change in leadership
  • Change in tasks
  • Working in hybrid teams
  • Challenges around self-organization and agile working

Conflicts occur in teams, I support in these cases as a conflict moderator or mediator. However, it does not always have to come to problems to initiate a team development measure. I am happy to accompany teams as a team developer on a long-term basis and work continuously with the team to improve their cooperation. I like to work with remote teams and conduct all team development processes online as well.

My approach always keeps an eye on the resources available in the team or group in order to strengthen them and to sustainably promote the ability to dialogue and work together

Contact me for a non-binding preliminary discussion. This will give me a first impression of your concerns and goals. I will then make you an offer. In the next step, I talk to all members of the team, if possible, to include all points of view and to get an overall picture. Based on this, I develop a concept that allows the team to work out solutions for the agreed objectives.