My offer


The proven process of mediation offers conflict parties the opportunity to find constructive and sustainable solutions that take into account their interests and needs.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a structured process for dealing with conflicts, whether in the workplace, in business, in the neighborhood, in partnerships, families or friendships. It can be used in any situation where it is useful to resolve conflict and maintain long-term relationships. Mediation is often quicker and less expensive than other forms of conflict resolution, such as legal disputes, and can promote a lasting solution as the parties work together to reach an agreement.

What is my role?

As a mediator, I am independent and impartial. I guide the parties through the mediation process and make sure that all relevant issues are discussed. I support the parties in finding a solution themselves. I do not make any suggestions and do not impose any decision myself. I do not give legal advice in mediation; this may have to be obtained from a lawyer.

What are the requirements for mediation?

An important prerequisite of mediation is the willingness of all parties to participate in mediation and work through the conflict.

What is the process of mediation?

In the initial telephone conversation we clarify who is involved in the mediation, what it is about and what the framework conditions (place, time, costs) are.

As a mediator, I ensure a structured process (5-phase model) in which each party can present its point of view, proposed solutions are discussed and at the end there is a final agreement worked out by all together. The goal is a win-win situation for all parties involved in order to resolve the conflict permanently. The mediation process usually involves several sessions.