INQA-Coaching: The funded consulting program for SMEs

Faster, further, more digital: As a company, you feel how the reality of work is changing rapidly. This is where INQA-Coaching comes to your rescue. INQA's central offering supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in finding custom-fit solutions for the HR policy and work organization change requirements associated with the digital transformation. In this way, INQA coaching helps you to position yourself for the future and to be able to react independently to change processes. This strengthens the resilience of your company, keeps it competitive and secures skilled workers. Up to 80 percent of the consulting costs can be covered.

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I am an authorized and certified INQA-COACH and will be happy to accompany you in the change process.

What are the benefits of INQA coaching?

INQA-Coaching uses agile methods and thus enables your company to work independently in an agile way. At the same time, the program is consistently employee-oriented, which means that employees are consistently involved in all steps. This results in tailor-made and sustainable solutions for your company that are supported by everyone and will last even after the INQA coaching has ended.

Who is supported?

The funding program is aimed at SMEs based in Germany that have been on the market for at least two years, employ fewer than 250 people, and employ at least one full-time employee who is subject to social insurance contributions. The companies should have an annual turnover of less than 50 million euros or a balance sheet total of less than 43 million euros and should not have received more than 200,000 euros in state aid, including INQA-Coaching funding, in the past three tax years. INQA-Coaching is funded by the European Social Fund Plus and the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Procedure and funding priorities

The INQA program defines some major operational design fields. I support you as an authorized INQA coach in the following fields:

  • leadership, professional development & career
  • Workplace of the future, working time & performance policy
  • Social relations & culture
  • Production model & work organization
  • New business models & innovation strategies

For more information on the process and funding priorities, please see the official flyer (click on the image) and the INQA Website.

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