My offer

Agile Organization Consulting

I accompany people, teams and organizations in shaping change processes. Since organizations and their environment are continuously changing, I like to work in an ongoing and agile process

In my work it is important to me to have a participative approach. I believe that change is most sustainable when it is collaborative. Therefore, I work closely with teams and leaders to incorporate diverse perspectives and experiences.

My approach is characterized by an iterative approach. Changes are implemented gradually and continuously, and feedback is integrated into the development process. This approach to organizational development enables organic development without the need for extensive transformation projects. The goal is to strengthen the capacity for continuous development within the organization in the long term and to be able to respond flexibly to change.

I use tools and interventions that are tailored to the specific situation and context of your organization. This is because I strongly believe that there is no universal approach. Challenges and goals are always specific and require individual approaches.

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